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About Skin Repair RX

- L. Ekas -

"Have used this for a couple years now. I have very dry skin and use this as my night moisturizer. I wake up to soft skin."

- Janice Patton -

"I am really pleased with Skin Repair Lotion. I have had two issues that I was hoping it would help with.

One, I have a small spot of psoriasis on my temple that I have treated with many types of oils and creams to no avail. I have been using the Skin Repair Lotion for about 3 weeks now and the spot is definitely smaller, less red, and smoother. I'm hoping in another few weeks it will disappear completely.

Two, I also have liver spots on my right hand and since using Skin Repair Lotion, they have almost completely faded".

- Sylvia -  Peterson

"This has lessened my stretchmarks immensely! I couldn't be more satisfied!

Image by Dragos Gontariu

- Mary -


"I'm very happy with the lotion and will definitely be ordering more when my supply gets low. This is a great product."

- Roger B - 

"I'm a guy, and I've had a small patch of eczema for years on the back of my hand.


I've used fancy super hydrating lotions, hydrocortisone cream, special soaps. I bought a bottle of Skin Repair Lotion and I put some on my hand before I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and I could already visibly see and feel an improvement.


After about a week later it was almost like that patch of eczema was never even there. The skin used to be incredibly dry, to the point where it would flake and crack, now the whole area is 80% back to normal."

- J Forrest -

- J Forrest -

- J Forrest - 

"I really like this lotion. It's improved the quality of my skin immensely.


I can also say that my neighbor is super happy with it also as she and I chat daily around the time the mail comes in.


When I opened up the package she asked me why I use it and apparently ordered her own bottle of it; and loves it. I'm very pleased with it."

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