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Increase your Skin Repair Lotion sales by making them stand out with this informative graphic counter display that holds (8) 17 oz bottles and (5) 8.5 oz bottles. 



+ cardboard display with signage

+ product information pamphlets for your customers

+ four 17 oz scented bottles

+ four 17 oz fragrance free bottles

+ three 8.5 oz scented bottles

+ two 8.5 oz fragrance free bottles


(This item is only available for purchase for retail stores and pharmacies. Not for individual use)

** Please add a note in the checkout section stating your store name for our records

Large Display- includes 12 bottles + free tester bottle

$160.00 Regular Price
$138.00Sale Price
  • Large counter display with product information holds total of 13 bottles

    + eight 19 oz bottles- 4 scented, 4 unscented bottles

    + five 8.5 oz bottles- 3 scented,  2 unscented bottles



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